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Piano Professor for Windows 3.1

Virtual piano professor for Windows based systems and shareware license
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Maybe you are one of many people who would like to learn how to play piano but don’t know how to start. Maybe you don’t have time or money to take lessons with a professor or maybe you are an autodidact person. Whichever is the reason you’re stack with your desire to learn but you never start actually playing. If you’re familiarized with this situation Piano Professor for Windows can be the solution. Of course, as its names indicates, you need to be a windows operating system user.
Piano Professor is really easy to use with a simple and pretty straightforward interface. A main menu, graphically designed, will guide you to the four sections of the application: Chord Encyclopedia, Note Tutor, Keyboard Basics and Name that Note. Let’s know a little bit more about them.
The Chord Encyclopedia section is intended to help you out in learning and memorizing the chords, a pretty important aspect of playing piano. A virtual keyboard on top and a couple of drop down lists below are the core of this section. You choose the chord you want to play, say C Minor, and press the “Play and Hear” button on the right. Immediately you will hear the chord played and the position of the fingers on the virtual keyboard.
The idea after The Note Tour section is to help you out reading and writing music. You will see the musical staves on top and a virtual keyboard below. As you play notes on the keyboard, the notes will display on the staves so you can recognize the correct position and notations of notes. There’s also the “Guess note” mode in which a note is written on the staves and you have to play it on the keyboard.
Keyboard Basics section gather some basic information for you to study and learn about playing piano. Keyboard Basics is composed of three tabs: Keyboard, Key Signatures and Great Staff.
Finally, Name that Note section is designed to help you out in recognizing a note when you hear it. So the basic functioning of the tool consists in pressing a button that plays a random note and you have to find it on the keyboard. It could be pretty hard at the beginning so be patient with yourself.

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